Blog posts of '2014' 'May'

a family wedding




I can't believe that a year has passed since my youngest son, Simon, married his Catherine!

It was autumn in Jo'burg at the time and they chose to use this beautiful season as the thene for the day.

Mary (my sister), Geoff, and myself had such fun driving around with secateurs and cutting swathes of berries from the hedgerows and sweeping up bags of crunchy autumn leaves.

We had one day to turn a simple school hall into a place where we would gather and feast and dance and celebrate the union of this special couple.... and it is a credit to all the wonderful helping hands from family and friends that we managed to pull it off!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MONTH Si and Cath - your beautiful wedding day remains a time of shared joy. It is so good to see how happy you are with one another.



A Happy Place

Every time I walk down our passage to the spare room, I walk past this row of hats.

 They evoke all sorts of memories for me......the times that we have walked the Camino in Spain, springtime visits to our family in the UK with outings to beautiful parks and fairytale castles,a family gathering in Mallorca and then closer to home - walks in the Berg and long beach strolls where Geoff and I chat and walk our way through all sorts of decisions.

Good times full of happy memories.

I think we all need just such a space in our homes - something that transports us to a happy place.

Baby Shower fun!

Ladies having fun painting up squares to be sewn into a quilt.

Baby shower hosted by Caryn's mum (Sue Wilson) and sister Jenna - Held at Anthology!