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Part one - London 2013

Just got back from a few weeks in Europe.

First stop was one of my favourite cities – London - (possibly somewhat prejudiced as my son, Michael and his wife, Frances live there!)

Fran is expecting our first grandchild – due end of November and it was one of THE SPECIAL moments of my life to feel this little one kicking against the palm of my hand. I am sure that all you granny and grandpa’s out there will remember that moment well!

We had some wonderful family times with my brother and his family and also connected with good friends – moments made more special because of their rarity.

A trip to London would not be complete for me without visiting some of my favourite stores – Mike and Fran organised a triple whammy for me with a visit to the Conran shop (Sir Terrance Conran has long been an amazing source of inspiration to me), then some shopping at Anthropologie (and, of course, loads more inspiration) and finally – Designer Guild! Oh wow – what a feast for the senses!!!  I am in awe of Tricia Guild and what she has accomplished.

We completed our Kensington Road visit with an outdoor lunch at Bluebird Café whilst keeping a beady eye open for any celebs!

Loads of shopping, some amazing meals, sunset over the Thames, Spittalfield market, a walk up Primrose Hill, Hever Castle, London skyline, cupcakes from Hemingways, Primark, beautiful after dinner walks with Mike and Fran, tubes and top deck on the bus, flowers in pots blooming everywhere, snow white jet streaks in blue skies …… all made more special by being with people we love.

London, August 2013.

Quiet retreat - glimpsed, walking up Primrose Hill high street